Animal Cooling Fan

Temperature stress causes significant economic losses in cattle breeding. In previous years, many studies have been carried out on economic losses caused by heat stress and investment costs of cooling systems. Temperature stress shows the effect of loss of milk yield rather than loss of mastitis, such as increased risk of mastitis and loss of fertility. In addition to the performance losses in animal production, the increasing variable is influenced by veterinary costs, treatment costs, mating costs, losses such as loss of milk quality and increased labor need. There are many studies to eliminate the effect of temperature stress. Basically canopy, ventilation and adequate water supply are required. Ventilation in barns can be provided in two ways: natural (barn structure, window) and mechanical ventilation (fans). Particularly in cooling systems where shower and fan are provided, proper installation of the system is very important for the correct result, as improper installation can lead to false results and adverse effects.

This study has been prepared to compile information about the installation principles of the system to the breeders who do not use the cooling systems provided with shower and fan to be installed against temperature stress.


  • Dimensions :140cm x 140 cm x 42 cm
  • Wing Diameter :124 cm
  • Number of Wings :6 Adet 55 cm genişliğinde
  • Motor :1,1 kw 1,5 hp
  • Addition: 42000m³ air flow with strand on both sides with strap
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