Bed Stop Iron Sets

Bedbars, which are used to separate the places where the animals will sleep, are probably one of the most impacted areas of the farm. Needless to say, these irons should be very robust, given the weight and size of the animals.

We strongly recommend that the joints be made with connection assembly equipment instead of welding.

The shoulder tube used here prevents the animal from entering fully. In this way, the back of the animal stays outside and the feces go to the outside, not where it lies. This is very important for the hygiene of the animal.

Bed Iron System Technical Specifications

  • Thickness:3 mm
  • Shoulder Pipes:1,5 inç Boru/li>
  • Stall Pipe:2 inç Boru/li>
  • Stall Length: Adjustable to Stall Measurements in Stable Area
  • Paint & Galvanized:Optional/li>
  • Connection System: Connects to the ground with the dowel, with u Bolt between them/li>
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