Double Opening Feed Lock

Our company has been produced for you to facilitate your work in healthy, stress-free and hygienic conditions to provide easy access to veterinary services to provide easy access to veterinary services. It is made by hot-dip galvanizing and is highly hygienic and long-lasting.

Mounting of the locks to the main poles is done with clamp. During the opening and closing of the lock, it works quietly thanks to the rubber material at the connection points in order to prevent the animals from experiencing stress.


  • The upper and lower pipes are made of 60 x 3 mm pipe.
  • Intermediate pipes are made of 42 x 2 mm pipe.
  • Locking mechanism is used in aluminum parts and plastic parts.
  • Rubber spacer is used to minimize noise.
  • In case of any problem, it is opened double-sided.
  • Our assemblies are assembled to the poles with clamp system.
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