Liquid Manure Distribution Trailer

The UMS Liquid Manure Dispensing Trailer distributes the farm manure prepared in the manure pit evenly, evenly and effortlessly, to protect the environment, grow healthy crops and reduce costs.

You can use the liquid manure tanker according to your needs in areas such as transportation, distribution, or irrigation, it adapts to the harsh terrain conditions.

With the crotch spreader on the back of the tank, you can scan the semicircle with a radius of 15 m and distribute the fertilizer evenly across your land.

Production can be made in the desired tonnage.


  • Loading Capacity : 8 m³
  • Tractor Power Required : 80 hp
  • Tire size : 550/60xR 22,5
  • Body Hair Thickness : 6 mm
  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Width: 2500 mm
  • Length: 6750 mm
  • Empty Weight : 4 ton
  • Shaft Speed : 540 rpm
  • Chassis: Single Axle
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