Submersible Fertilizer Mixer


UMS-Submersible Fertilizer Mixer

For evacuation and separation, the fertilizer must be mixed homogeneously. The UMS Submersible Mixer is made for the homogeneous mixing of the raw manure collected in the pond. For separation and pump efficiency, the fertilizer should be mixed homogeneously.

The UMS submersible mixers are available in engine ratings from 7.5 Kw to 18 Kw. The body structures of UMS submersible mixers are made of steel and cast steel.

UMS offers mixer models according to various needs. Different propeller models are used for different purposes.

The animal manure scrubber which is emptied by the automatic manure scraper is made liquid in the raw manure pool with the help of UMS Submersible Manure Mixer and ensures that the manure pump works without difficulty and clogging. The UMS Submersible Fertilizer Mixer can be transported to a location away from the animal shelter by the Fecal Fertilizer Pump.


  • Long lasting
  • Easy setup
  • Minimum Energy Consumption
  • Reasonable price


  • 12-16 Mt 7,5 Kw
  • 15-22 Mt 11 Kw
  • 17-25 Mt 15 Kw
  • 22-30 Mt 18 Kw
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